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The Tough Body type is the middle-tier body type in the game and is the first body type the player unlocks when playing the game for the first time. The Tough Body type possesses balanced Health, Speed and Melee damage, making him easy to use for new players. You have superior Health and Melee damage compared to the Speedy and Nimble but the Burly and Mighty body types outrank you in these regards. You do have superior movement speed to those two body types but the Nimble and Speedy outrank you in those regards instead.

The Tough Body type offers the best balance between mobility and resilience, making him quite versatile compared to other body types, you are fast enough to traverse the battlefield at a good pace, yet you still have enough health to survive direct combat. Body Armor and the Fun Facts Horse Healthy and Regenerative can be used increase your resilience while Rollerskates, Spring Boots and Inflatable Insoles along with the Fun Fact Fleet-Footed can be used to increase your mobility. Given your versatility, any of the mentioned items can work with equal effect.

The Tough Body type is a mediocre-sized target and while not the easiest one to hit, it is not the hardest one to hit either, ranking middle-tier in this regard as well. You will win most gunfights against Nimble and Speedy body types (assuming equal weapons are used by both sides) but Burly and Mighty Body types have an advantage in health, meaning that you will have to exploit your superior mobility and smaller frame to win a gunfight against those body types.

Tough Body structure Attributes:

  • Health: 6/10 (180, 207 with Horse Healthy)
  • Melee: 6/10 (180 Damage)
  • Speed: 6/10
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