Gotham city imposters Wiki
Thunder Dragon
Rate of Fire 4
Damage 6
Accuracy 10
Range 6
Reload Speed 6
Magazine Size


Homemade projectile launcher that can be configured with different rocket types.

Feats of Prowess[]

  • Thunder Dragon Pro
  • Thunder Dragon Multi-kill Pro
  • Thunder Dragon Missiles Pro
  • Thunder Dragon Master


  • Rockets – Moderate projectile speed offset by effective splash damage and area of effect. Reduced effectiveness at longer ranges.
  • Missiles – Small, fast projectiles with modest splash damage that can be fired in volleys of up to three at a time before reloading.


You will nearly almost always want the Fun Fact Mad Bomber on you to get more bang out of your buck, literally. You will also want the Rampage Kill Crazy so that you can deal a tremondous amount of damage. The 'Rockets' mod deals more splash-damage and has an AoE, AND deals more damage than the Missiles mod. However, the Missiles mod has 3 projectiles which has high fire rate. This mod is more optimal for impairing enemies and distracting them. Meanwhile, the Rockets mod is more for dealing with one enemy due to the high damage and AoE.


  • The rocket appears to be made out of a root beer bottle.