The Marshall

The MarshalEdit

  • Fire Rate: 6/10
  • Damage: 6/10
  • Accuracy: 9/10
  • Range: 10/10
  • Reloading Speed: 6/10
  • Magazine Size: 7


  • Default Scope Lens
  • Silencer
  • 4x Scope Lens
  • Body Odor Sniffer
  • Muzzlebreak


This weapon, as stated in the description, is designed for precision headshots rather than bodyshots, while firing faster than The Buccaneer, it does less damage. (Except for headshots)

{Exact numbers must be aqcuired}

It is not reccomended to use the body odor sniffer since you are preferably long range with this weapon, it, however, can be useful for detecting incoming 'surprises'.

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