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The Speedy Body Type is the fastest out of the five body types and also the smallest, making players using it hard to hit at longer distances. The Speedy body type allows you to dodge incoming fire, navigate around the map fast, and, due to your small frame, you can even go unnoticed by more inattentive players. The Speedy's main drawbacks are his low health and low melee damage. At just 100 HP, you will not be able to take more than two bullets in most cases before you die and your low melee damage makes melee combat risky as tougher body types can kill you in a single hit with their own melee weapons.

The Fun Facts Horse Healthy and Regenerative can be used to mitigate the Speedy's health problem while the Fun Fact Cutthroat can give your knife attacks at little more bite.

Using Rollerskates on the Speedy is somewhat unnecessary as you are already the fastest body type on the battlefield but if you decide to use them, you will be able to zoom around the battlefield at an inhumanly fast pace, leaving slower body types struggling to even aim at you.

NOTE: The Fun Fact Fleet-Footed has no effect if equipped on the Speedy as the Speedy is already the fastest body type on offer. As such, equip another Fun Fact to avoid wasting a fun fact slot.


  • Speed: 10/10
  • Health: 2/10 (100 HP, 115 with Horse Healthy)
  • Melee: 2/10 (100 Damage)