Psych ProfilesEdit

In Denial (Default)Edit

  • Subject currently manifest no overt symptoms of whatever personality disorder that surely lurks beneath the surface.
  • No bonus or penalties.


  • Subject displays no empathy toward others and has diffculty controlling behavior.
  • Bonus for selfish actions.
  • Penalty for team actions.


  • Subjects exist in a state of constant anxiety and is easily traumatized by intense situations.
  • Penalty to combat-related actions.
  • Bonus to non-combat actions.


  • Subjects alternates between periods of exaggerated elation and depression.
  • Bonus when team is winning.
  • Penalty when team is losing.

Body DysmorphicEdit

  • Subject is acutely preoccupied with weight and body image.
  • Bonus with the speedy body type.
  • Penalty with any other body type.


  • Subject is acutely self-sacrificing in an attempt to please others.
  • Bonus for team actions.
  • Penalty for solo actions.


  • Subject displays attention-seeking for exhibitionist tendencies.
  • Bonus when among top 3 players on the scoreboard.
  • Penalty when not among top 3 players on the scoreboard.


  • Subject is compelled to steal the property of others.
  • Bonus for stealing objective items (e.g. battery)
  • Penalty for dropping objective items.

Link title====Masochistic====

  • Subject thrives on pain up to a certain threshold (namely death).
  • Bonus for every point of damage you take.
  • Penalty for every death.


  • Subject is pathologically self-absorbed and obsessed with his or her own physical attractiveness.
  • Bonus Costume Coins.
  • Penalty on team actions (e.g. revives, objectives, support activities).


  • Subject has a pronounced persecution complex.
  • Bonus for revenge kills.
  • Penalty when someone becomes your nemesis.

Passive AggressiveEdit

  • Subject has difficulties with direct confrontation and tends to resort to circuitous means of expressing hostility.
  • Bonus for successful trap usage.
  • Penalty for direct combat actions.


  • Subjects derives satisfaction or even amusement from causing harm to others.
  • Bonus for damage inflicted.
  • Penalty for being killed by target you damaged.


  • Subject seems to dominate or suppress others.
  • Bonus every time you kill someone as their nemesis.
  • Penalty every time someone gets revenge against you.
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