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The Nimble Body type is the second-weakest body type out of the five available and is the only female body type in the game. The Nimble body type has 40% higher health and melee damage than the Speedy body type. The Nimble promotes a similar playstyle to the Speedy but offers higher health and melee damage in exchange for slower speed. The Nimble's special ability is that she can jump higher than any other body type, allowing her to be very maneuverable just like the Speedy, albeit in a different way. This jump boost can stack with the boost provided by the Spring Boots and the Inflatable Insoles, allowing the Nimble to reach places that other body types cannot reach except for when using the Jetpack, Glider Rig or the Grapple Gun. Rollerskates are again, not essential but can be useful as they further increase the Nimble's already high movement speed, allowing the player to increase their mobility to extreme levels.  

In terms of health and melee damage, all body types except for the Speedy are superior in these regards. You can survive a little more damage than the Speedy but you are still fragile compared to other body types. Be careful with melee combat, as any body type except for a Speedy can kill you in a single melee hit.  

Do note that equipping the Fleet-Footed Fun Fact on the Nimble body type will increase the Nimble's movement speed to equal that of the Speedy while retaining the extra health. This means that a Nimble with the Fleet-Footed body type will move at identical speed to a Speedy in all cases, although you have to use up a Fun Fact slot to do so.  

Nimble Body Type Attributes:

  • Speed: 2/10
  • Health: 4/10 (140 HP, 167 HP with Horse Healthy)
  • Melee: 1/10 (140 Damage)