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thumb|300px|right|Neighbors.Neighbors is a gotham city imposters animated short film made by Monolith productions. the video stars two middle aged men, Frank and Steve, who are neighbors by day, and imposters by night. it is one of three animated shorts made by monolith to increase interest in the game and exite the gaming population in general.

Video Description[]

Frank (left) and Steve (right) conversing before entering their apartments.

Its been another long day in Gotham, and Frank and Steve have just gotten home from work. after a brief exchange, it would appear that these two are just your average citizens, ready to retire for the night. but as we see these two enter their apartments and opening their closets, it is quite clear that they are more than that. It appears that they have been handed assignments from their factions (Frank is a Bat, and steve is a Joker), and those assignments order them to kill each other. after Frank spots Steve from a rooftop on the streets, steve starts firing, but frank jumps to the asphalt which stuns him. Frank sneezes, and Steve has just enough time to say "Gesundheit" before getting hit by a car. Frank picks him up and throws him through a window, where he begins firing again. Frank tackles him,

The epic standoff...... sort of

and they engage in a close quarters gunfight while climbing the building. eventually, they reach the top, and level there guns at each other. what appears to be certain death, however, is really a joke, because both of them are out of ammo. after several more attemps to fire a bullet, they hear police sirens, who are responding to the earlier gunfire. Deciding they will kill each other later, both of them make a run for it. The next morning, Frank and Steve both bear scars from their earlier fight. After wishing each other a good day, Frank sneezes, to wich steve replys "Gesundheit". in the last few moments of the video, it is clear that Frank and steve have identified each other, though their later actions are unknown.