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The Mighty is the biggest, toughest and melee-wise the most damaging body type out of the five available. While the Mighty is easy to hit even at longer ranges, he makes up for this with his immense health pool, being the highest in the game. Given the Mighty's large health pool which tops of at 322 HP if the Fun Fact Horse Healthy is equipped, a player using the Mighty body type will be able to withstand damage that would kill lighter body types and this ability can be further augmented with Body Armor and the Fun Facts Kinda Bulletproof and Hard Target.

The Mighty body type is completely unaffected by Heavy gear like the Jackhammer, allowing you to carry such weapons with no speed penalty. That being said, the Mighty's movement speed is the lowest in the game, meaning that navigating the map will take some time and faster body types will be able to outrun you which can in some cases become detrimental to your success. This Mighty is a very lumbering body type, sporting the lowest mobility in addition to his low speed, meaning that when fighting an enemy, while you should preferably try to avoid as much damage as possible, you will find it to be easier to just tank through the damage rather than try dodging it. This mobility problem can be mitigated somewhat with Rollerskates, Glider Rigs, Inflatable Insoles while traversing speed can be dealt with using the Grappling Gun, Jetpack and the Fun Fact Fleet Footed.

The Mighty Body Type is great for players who like to play with high health at their disposal and is inherently good at mowing down enemies with Heavy weapons in corridors and chokepoints. The only thing you have to watch out for other than focused fire, is Sniper Weapons. While you do have a lot of health to spare, you are NOT invincible, one or two headshots from most Sniper Weapons is enough to kill a Mighty, even if all defensive abilities are equipped.


  • Speed: 2/10
  • Health: 10/10 (280 HP, 322 with Horse Healthy)
  • Melee: 10 /10 (280 Damage, increased with Cutthroat)