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The Kingmaker is a secondary weapon in Gotham City Impostors. It is a semi-automatic handgun that fires moderate damage rounds at a moderate rate of fire but it has high damage fall-of at a range. It is intended to function as a backup weapon for the Partisan, Huntsman and other long-range weapons that lose their efficiency at shorter ranges.


The Kingmaker has a moderate rate of fire, a decent magazine size but its damage is somewhat below-average. As such, it is best used as a fallback weapon for self-defense at close range against a single opponent. The Kingmaker can be used with any body type but heavier body types like Burly and Mighty often have less need for it since they often carry heavier secondary weapons like the Persuader to complement their primary weapons (which are often heavy as well).

The Kingmaker deals 32 damage for a normal hit and 72 damage for a headshot. It has a magazine size of 12 rounds by default and 18 rounds with extended magazines and carries 144 rounds in reserve (168 with extended magazines). This a surprisingly high ammunition reserve for a backup weapon and as such, it can sometimes even serve as a makeshift primary weapon if your actual primary weapon is out of ammo.

Rate of Fire 9
Damage 5
Accuracy 5
Range 4
Reload Speed 5
Magazine Size 12


Perfect in a pinch because of how fast you can switch to it, but it's not as deadly as other firearms.

Feats of Prowess[]

  • Kingmaker Kill Pro
  • Kingmaker Headshot Pro
  • Kingmaker Iron Sights Pro
  • Kingmaker Silencer Pro
  • Kingmaker Reflex Sight Pro
  • Kingmaker Penetrator Ammo Pro
  • Kingmaker Hollow Point Ammo Pro
  • Kingmaker Extended Magazines Pro
  • Kingmaker Muzzle Break Pro
  • Kingmaker Full Auto Conversion Pro
  • Kingmaker Master


  • Iron Sights - Default configuration has no specific advantages or disadvantages.
  • Silencer - Muffles gunshots so as not to give away your position when firing, but reduces range.
  • Reflex Sight - Improves accuracy slightly and zooms in more while aiming.
  • Penetrator Ammo - These high velocity rounds ignore Body Armor and can penetrate thin walls to hit targets on the other side.
  • Hollow Point Ammo - Hollow Point rounds do extra damage to unarmored opponents, but do significantly less damage to enemies wearing Body Armor.
  • Extended Magazines - Increases ammo magazine capacity at the expense of reload speed.
  • Muzzle Break - Increases your overall accuracy even while moving and firing, but slightly reduces damage.
  • Full Auto Conversion - Converts the weapon from semi-auto fire to fully automatic.


Gold Kingmaker


Gold Gun Camo Team Kingmaker 17-3- Gotham City Impostors Kingmaker only gameplay

Kingmaker-only gameplay.


  • The Kingmaker is based of the CZ75 Handgun, more specifically, the CZ 75 SP-01 variant which uses an 18-round magazine.