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The Hatchet is a Support Item and is unarguably the most lethal Support Item out of all of them. It has a unique mechanic in which that if you miss, you can pick it back up and instantly refill the recharge meter. If successful in contact with an enemy, it will kill them, no exceptions. However, it requires accuracy and steady aim in order for effective kills. It pairs up well with close-ranged weapons like the Persuader and the Gatekeeper, as you can really deal damage in "in-yo-face" firefights and lone kills.

It is recommended for all body-types and can fit in almost any Loadout, but is heavily suggested for hit-'n-run loadouts and stealthy loadouts. A Loadout with a Speedy body-type and the Fun Fact Wallflower can sneak behind enemy lines, take out one with the Hatchet and either let your teammates kill the rest or do it yourself. A good hit-n'-run loadout would be the body-type Nimble and use the Spring Boots, jump in, kill a guy, and them jump out.

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