Gadgets are specialised items that assist in transversing the battlefield. They are moddled off either Batman's bat-like persona (Glider Rig, Grappling Gun) or off the Joker's playful persona (Rollerskates, Inflatable Insoles)

Each gadget has a unique use and place in the game and on the battlefield.

The GadgetsEdit

Glider Rig: Fly around using vents and mini-tramps to move around and to rain hell from above. (Pro tip) The bigger the glider, the more damage you do.

Grapple Gun: Fire a zip-line to climb up to high areas. (Pro tip) If aimed just right, you can hurt opponents with the grapple gun.

Rollerskates: Move around the battlefield with speed, using ramps to fly over the map.

Spring Boots: Charge your boots to launch yourself high up. (Pro tip) you can also hurt foes by landing on top of them with this gadget equipped.

Inflatable Insoles: Double jump with these shoe extentions. You will also jump a little bit higher with these equipped.

Targeting Goggles: Mark out enemies for your team to spot and kill. You will also be awarded assist points if an enemy you targeted is killed by a teammate

Ninja Smoke Bomb: Go invisible in a puff of smoke and sneak behind your enemies. Note that you will only be nigh invisible and alert enemies will still be able to see you if you run right in front of them, you also won't be able to attack or use support items until you become visible again.

The Jetpack: Fly around for a limited amount of time while using your weapons. Be sure to watch your meter so as to avoid accidental "Pancaking" incidents.

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