Fun Facts are passive bonuses that last throughout a game, they work like Perks in other FPS games.

There are two sections, named "1" and "2", one can be selected from each section. A player will start with Regenerative and Mad Bomber automatically unlocked on their custom classes.

List of Fun FactsEdit

Fun Fact List # 1 [Defensive]Edit

  • Horse Healthy: Maximum health is increased by 15% and healing is 40% from stations, energy drinks, motivators, and care packages.
  • Possum Player: You can be revived from death by teammates at any point until you respawn.
  • Regenerative: Your health starts regenerating sooner and fills at a faster rate.
  • Quick Reflexes: After sprinting, weapons come back up faster.
  • Fleet-Footed: Player is able to move the equivalent of one body speed faster while walking, sprinting, and using gadgets.
  • Wallflower: Cannot be seen on enemy team's radar with Motion Sensors, or with B.O. Sniffers and Targeting Goggles.
  • Nimble Fingers: You attach and detach batteries quicker in Psych Warfare and capture Gasblasters faster in Fumigation.

Fun Fact List #2 [Offensive]:Edit

  • Mad Bomber: Increased the explosive damage by 10%.
  • Flak Jacket: Explosive damage is decreased, but still affected the same from trap-in-the-box.
  • Marksman: Increased bullet damage by 10%.
  • Kinda Bulletproof: Bullet damage is reduced by 10%.
  • Cutthroat: Increased blade damage by 25 points of damage.
  • Leathery: You take less damage from the blade attacks.
  • Thick-Headed: You suffer less damage and fewer side effects from head shots, boomerangs, and dive bomb and stomp attacks.
  • Wooden Legs: Bear traps don’t slow you down and you take less damage from trap-in-the-box explosives.
  • Hard Target: Reduces extra damage bonus from headshots.
  • Rummy: Prevents freezing, cock attacks, and conch stuns. Also protects against cold damage.
  • Well Grounded: Enemy weapons don't push you around as much, but yours push them around more. You also take less electrical damage because you're "well grounded" get it.