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Deep Freezer
Rate of Fire 4
Damage 8
Accuracy 8
Range 8
Reload Speed 4
Magazine Size 5

The Deep Freezer is a home-brewed charge-based heavy weapon that shoots frozen alcohol-based shots. It has splash damage and can apply up to 100 points of damage when fully charged. It does double damage if the ice-sphere directly hits an enemy. If you damage an enemy to a certain percentage of their health, they are frozen for 3 seconds and are left with 1 health point. The target cannot be frozen again for 10 seconds.


Home-brew weapon that fires blasts of a super-chilled, alcohol-based mixture that can freeze enemies in place.

Feats of Prowess[]

  • Deep Freezer Pro
  • Ice and Dice
  • Deep Freezer B.O. Sniffer Pro
  • Deep Freezer Extended Magazines Pro
  • Deep Freezer Master


  • Iron Sights - Default configuration has no specific advantages or disadvantages.
  • Body Odor Sniffer - Intermittently reveals positions of nearby enemies as wavy yellow "stink clouds".
  • Extended Magazines - Increases ammo magazine capacity at the expense of reload speed.


The Shuriken support item goes great with this weapon. Since the Shurikens lock-on quickly, you can freeze an enemy, lock on to him with an Shuriken and shatter him into ice chunks which you can place into your drink after a long day of placing non-congenital orifices in bodies. The Conch Shell is a very good alternative to the Shuriken if you do not have it unlocked yet. You can shatter not only frozen enemies, but impair any other opposers trying to get in your way.

A Gadget that goes well with this weapon are the Inflatable Insoles. You use a method called "Confusion-Fu". Basically, you jump around them, while shooting at them. The Shurikens help in this, since freezing an enemy is a percentage of their health.