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The Chaperone is an automatic shotgun, boasting one of the highest Rate of Fire meters, going up to 8.

Rate of Fire 8
Damage 6
Accuracy 6
Range 4
Reload Speed 6
Magazine Size 8


Good for mopping up the opposition, but it’s most effective at "indoor voice" range.

Feats of Prowess[]

  • Chaperone Pro
  • Chaperone Close Kills Pro
  • Chaperone B.O. Sniffer Pro
  • Chaperone Expanded Drum Pro
  • Chaperone Muzzle Break Pro
  • Chaperone Penetrator Pro
  • Chaperone Reflex Sight Pro
  • Chaperone Master


  • Iron Sights - Default configuration has no specific advantages or disadvantages.
  • Reflex Sight - Improves accuracy slightly and zooms in more while aiming.
  • Body Odor Sniffer - Intermittently reveals positions of nearby enemies as wavy yellow "stink clouds".
  • Penetrator Ammo - These high velocity rounds ignore Body Armor and can penetrate thin walls to hit targets on the other side.
  • Extended Magazines - Increases ammo magazine capacity at the expense of reload speed.
  • Muzzle Break - Increases your overall accuracy even while moving and firing, but slightly reduces damage.