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Burly - With Default Face

The Burly is a Body Type featured in Gotham City: Impostors. Landing between the Tough and Mighty in most statistics, the Burly is a slower, tougher and Melee-wise stronger version of the Tough Body Type, while being more mobile than the Mighty Body Type, making him ideal for players that like to play with high health at their disposal, yet do not want to deal with the Mighty's speed and mobility issues.

Visually compared to the Tough, the Burly is slightly bigger, making him easier to hit, yet he is not as big of a target as the Mighty, his health is higher than that of the Tough, though not as high as the Mighty's. The Burly has less resilience than the Mighty, meaning that while he can sustain quite a bit of damage, he will lose to the Mighty in the long run, though the player can use Body Armor and the Fun Facts Horse Healthy and Kinda Bulletproof to bring up the Burly's damage resistance close to the Mighty's level.

The Burly moves faster than the Mighty but is slower than any other Body Type, meaning that most Body Types will be able to outrun you and traversing the map can take some time, yet these problems can be mitigated with Roller Skates, Spring Boots, Inflatable Insoles along with Glider Rigs, Jetpacks and Grapple Guns.

Aside from the said statistical differences, the Burly's main perk over the Tough Body Type is the fact that he is not affected by Heavy gear, allowing him to carry such weapons with no speed penalty at all. Compared to the only other Body Type that has this trait, the Mighty, the Burly loses out on Health and Melee damage but wins on Mobility and smaller size.

In conclusion, players that like to play as the Tough Body Type, yet would like to have extra resilience should have thoughts about the Burly Body Type. While his speed is quite unimpressive, your added resilience should make up for it and your ability to use Heavy Weapons without speed penalties is an added bonus.


  • Speed: 4/10
  • Health: 8/10 (220 HP, 253 with Horse Healthy)
  • Melee: 8/10 (220 Damage)