Gotham city imposters Wiki
Rate of Fire 4
Damage 10
Accuracy 9
Range 10
Reload Speed 4
Magazine Size 1

The Buccaneer is a Primary weapon in Gotham City Impostors. It resembles a flintlock rifle, a musket used back in the 1700s. Being one out of the two hit-scan weapons that can kill with one shot, it has a 'tracer' round to deduce where you are camping. It has the most damage potential out of all the weapons, with a body shot dealing 180 damage if scoped in, 90 damage if not. It is generally considered harder to use then its' cousin The Marshal due to its' slow fire rate and tracer rounds.


"This old-fashioned rifle can take down a bison from 1000 yards away. Recommended for serious hunters only."

Feats of Prowess[]

  • Buccaneer Pro
  • Buccaneer Headshot Pro
  • Buccaneer B.O. Sniffer Pro
  • Buccaneer Muzzle Break Pro
  • Buccaneer 4x Scope Lens Pro
  • Buccaneer Silencer Pro
  • Buccaneer Master


  • Default Scope Lens - The default scope configuration features 10x magnification, which is great for zooming in on distant targets but greatly restricts peripheral vision.
  • Silencer - Muffles gunshots so as not to give away your position when firing, but reduces range.
  • 4x Scope Lens - Lower magnification lenses afford wider field of view, making it easier to find targets while zoomed.
  • Body Odor Sniffer - Intermittently reveals positions of nearby enemies as wavy yellow "stink clouds".
  • Muzzle Break - Increases your overall accuracy even while moving and firing, but slightly reduces damage.